Massachusetts License Plate Requirements

Comply with State Regulations

It's essential to understand the license plate requirements in Massachusetts to ensure compliance with state laws. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines regarding plate display, registration stickers, and other important factors.

License Plate Display

Massachusetts requires license plates to be securely attached to the front and rear of the vehicle. The plates should be clearly visible and unobstructed, ensuring that the registration numbers and letters are legible from a reasonable distance.

Registration Stickers

Massachusetts license plates are typically issued with registration stickers. These stickers indicate the expiration date of the registration. It is crucial to affix the registration stickers correctly and ensure they are up to date, as expired stickers can result in penalties and fines.

Additional Guidelines

Along with plate display and registration stickers, Massachusetts may have additional guidelines, such as rules for specialized plates, temporary plates, and other specific scenarios. It's important to be aware of any such requirements to ensure compliance with state regulations.